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SO?!WHAT is a one-woman show that seamlessly combines choreography, visual and plastic arts. Ariadna Gironès dance through different physicalities as she bends, distorts and transform her body. A performance that aims to reflect on society's binary notions of femininity and masculinity.


Ariadna brings to the stage a body language crafted from her experiences in various laboratories with women with diverse voices. The performance is a combination of painting-like images, an anxiogenic and unconventional universe.

A story of fears, power and taboos.

A woman's look at a woman's body.

A dance, a ritual, an outlet.


Duration: 45min

Conception & Performance: Ariadna Gironès Mata

Choreographic Advice: Lisbeth Gruwez

External Eye: Esse Vanderbruggen et Joseph Rioton

Light Design: Hugue Girard

Visual Artist: Sandra Ordoñez

Sound Creation: Perrine Sauviat (DJ La Fraicheur)

Scenography: Betty Cau

Text: Lluna Gay and François Maquet

Delegated Production to Festival de Liège - Biennale Internationale des Arts de la scène 

Coproduction: Les Brigittines and Festival de Liège 

Supported by: Factory, La Chaufferie Acte 1, Voetvolk/Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, Garage29, La Roseraie, Carpa Revolució, Bolivianow, CCBarceloneta, LadyFest, LookIn'Out Festival, Cocq'Arts Festival, Parhassard festival, Dansvitrine, Game Over Festival, Factory Festival, GC Den Dam, La Maison de la Création, De Grote Post.

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