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Duration: 45min

Direction & Performance: Ariadna Gironès Mata

Choreographic Advice: Lisbeth Gruwez

Light Design: Eléanor Bryce

Visual Artist: Sandra Ordoñez

Sound Creation: Perrine Sauviat (DJ La Fraicheur)

Scenography: Betty Cau

Text: Lluna Gay and François Maquet

Supported by: Voetvolk/Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, Garage29, La Roseraie, Carpa Revolució, Bolivianow, CCBarceloneta, Equal.Brussels, Commune de St-Gilles, Mac Kam Production, La Maison de la Création, Vlaanderen.


SO?!WHAT  is a one-woman show that combines choreography and visual arts.


Accompanied by a 100% female team, including visual artist Sandra Ordoñez and DJ La Fraîcheur, Ariadna Gironès dance by passing through different physicalities, deforming and transforming her body. She questions the feminine and masculine that society restricts and imposes in our current societies and throughout history, and the marks it leaves on their bodies and movement. 


In a pictorial, anxiogenic and offbeat universe, supported by a sound creation mixing voice-over, electronic music and rhythms inspired by Hindu music, Ariadna translates this oppression through movement, voice and the use of prostheses.

Her journey leads her to the figure of the Hindu goddess Kali, all-powerful in her paradoxical grotesquerie, whom she will embody to guide the audience on a journey to overcome the body-spirit duality and to trace a liberating path towards empowerment.

A story of fears, power and taboos.

A woman's look at a woman's body.

A dance, a ritual, an outlet.

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