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Hard Candy is a physically demanding practice that seeks to uncover the range of qualities that inhabit us an embody them in order to reach an expressive and conscious movement.

In this workshop, we will bring awareness to the multitude of pathways that run through our body and where they are blocked, using this awareness to explore the connections that exist internally, between different parts of our body, and externally, between our body and others in the space.

Building on this, we will dive into the polarity between two specific attributes, strength and fragility. By channelling and combining these two extremes, as well as the endless spectrum that lies in between, we will endeavour to go beyond them and develop tools to access the diverse scope of qualities our body is capable of expressing.

Hard Candy is inspired by techniques and pedagogies of the body and the mind that I have being working with and exploring for several years. Through guided improvisations and specific isolation exercises, we will engage in a physical and demanding journey into our inner complexity and its expressive potential.

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